04 September 2008

The 76ers

Back to the year 1976, some “green horns” stepped along Ganesha Street, Bandung. They were amongst 1275 new students of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) from all over Indonesia, called as Generation of 76. Today, after more than three decades, what is the figure of the 76ers at their fifties?

The story of this group begins with an internally hereditary claim: The Best Youngsters of Indonesia. It derived from the success in entering the university which was the most favorable one nationwide. As a settled university in science and engineering, many of its alumni professionally succeed their careers; economical national development fundamentally needed so many scientists and engineers, as well. No wonder if one applicant had to set about fifteen others aside which was considered as the toughest competition to enter a university at that time.

At the first year, accommodated in four area of study i.e. Science, Industrial Technology, Civil Engineering and Planning, and Arts, the new students attended matriculation class for one semester. Next, they followed two semesters of common first year.

In accordance with wide range of highschool quality, their academic progress were also widely various. The crowds enthusiastically paced their efforts to get good grades which governed the acceptance to a department for next study. In contrary, there were some students still in euphoria and crazy about the claim so that rather than about study they care more about non-academic activities and ITB trivia’s. Social and economical problems also influenced the success of each 76er.

Their achievement started to differ at the second year. Many successfully continued to expected department, some had to redo the first level and compete again at the following year. Like other generations at that era, the 76ers finished their study between two extreme situations: excellently early and unfortunately had to leave the campus by various cases after a time limit. It is very sorry that few passed away.

By the time, many things happened. Most of 76ers have been succeeding their careers or profession and have been developing themselves through formal education or professional trainings. They outspread around the country and overseas and are playing important roles; might be as an academician, professor, professional engineer, bureaucrat, banker, business person, politician, etc. Hopefully there is no idler or just a regular housewife since every single student was indirectly subsidized by government.

In 2006, the 76ers celebrated three decades of the generation. It had been well prepared by many activists of the group at least one year before. Tirelessly, data of the members were collected door to door so that a networking was also developed. The members responded the celebration by attending its agenda with own family respectively.

We don’t know either efforts to strengthen professionalism or simply brotherhood and some nostalgic backgrounds have been driving the networking still effective until now. Anyway, more than 1000 out of 1275 members had already registered and it is also recorded that 49 or about 3.8 percents members had passed away.

In conclusion, firstly, at their fifties most 76ers have already played each own important roles and socially and economically settled. However, referring to the number of who had passed away, the members have to put their attention on health and their way of life. Family and religious issues should be included also in agenda of the group. Secondly, even tough there is still no proof on professional project, this group has been developing a good networking successfully. A result of efforts to materialize such kind of activity seems on the way to go. The group may show to the national society a very strong concept and professional implementation of any collaboration-based project. Good luck, The 76ers...!!!

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